Vladimir Fokin spoke with fellow countrymen

Today, as part of the first international film festival "Kharkov lilac" filmmaker Vladimir Fokin gave a master class. At a meeting with him, came the students of special schools and faculties, young actors, actors and children's theaters indifferent Kharkiv.

During the meeting, Vladimir Fokin told that his career began during his school years at the Kharkov Palace of Pioneers. When he was a student of KPI he along with his brothers organized a theater "Silhouette", which was the winner of various competitions. And today, according to the director himself, Kharkov trail is present in his films. In particular, in the movie "The Fifth Element" is Kharkov story line, as one of his heroes origin Kharkov. Actors for this film directed by specifically looking at one of the children's theaters in Kharkov. Some of these actors are adults, today attended a master class Vladimir Fokin.

Responding to questions from the audience about the secrets of the director's skill, Vladimir Fokin noted that the main criterion for evaluating a good film or not - whether it believes the audience what they see and listen. "The main thing is to show the truth. No unequivocally negative or positive characters. People are complex, and each has its own truth, "- said the master.

Tomorrow, May 17, Vladimir Fokin meet with their friends, with whom he once worked at the Kharkov Palace of Pioneers. Gather friends around the world to help their former leader Peter elephants.

After the master class, everyone could see the film Vladimir Fokin "With love from nowhere", which was the last actor Alexander Abdulov work.